Our job includes visiting and contacting all travel agencies in Costa Rica and promote your hotel or tour company to local incoming agencies in Costa Rica and other countries using internet marketing as well as traditional marketing strategies.


We want to be an extension of your company in Costa Rica, promoting your services in the travel agency marketing, wholesalers, retailers, even incoming agencies and the entire corporate and personal market.


We will contact more than 6000 companies, associations, chambers and organizations in Costa Rica as well as retail businesses and direct clients. We have more than 12 years of experience in this field.


We specialize in creating databases according to the market you wish to contact. For example, we have successfully created databases of bird watching tour companies from all over the world for clients of ours who are interested in bird watching in Costa Rica.

Your sales and marketing representative in Costa Rica

Our work includes the traditional marketing strategy of visiting each agency formally, introduce and deliver materials, talk about the product or service and then also give a strong digital follow up with digital brochures, photos, rates and deals. It boils down to sales promotion, database creation, searching for contacts and markets.

We have also created lists of travel agencies and incoming tour operators in different countries, as well as lists of local Costa Rican companies, from restaurants, to embassies, to traditional enterprises, retailers and direct clients. All these databases we later use to contact and promote our clients business all over the world, to the clientele he wishes.


  • “We have been working with them for over 10 years and have strongly increased our presence in the tourism world scene, and we have also increased sales both frmo travel agencies, wholesalers as well as direct clients and the corporate market.”
    Cristian Valenzuela
    Director - Costa Rica Exotica Natural