Costa Rica On Site Travel Representative

We offer local assistance, travel representation and customer service serving clients from Travel Agencies abroad that do not have a local office or operations center in Costa Rica. We have become an option for wholesalers, retailers, travel agencies and tour companies abroad that wish to have 24 / 7 assistance in Costa Rica at a very affordable monthly rate. Our services include meet and greet, 24/7 phone assistance, counseling and recommendations in person or over phone or social media. We also advice and serve our clients from abroad in reservations, contacts, suggestions, site inspections and local on site knowledge that can only be acquired if located in Costa Rica.


24 hour assistance in Costa Rica

24 hour assistance for clients traveling in Costa Rica. Clients can call in case there are any problems to be solved, and we will take care of it by contacting the local hotel, transport company or tour operator in charge of the service. This is later also reported to the travel agency.

Meet and greet

Our service also includes meet and greet and the first day of arrival, where we can explain the entire services again and get in touch personally with the clients. Handover of the local contact information for them to know who to contact in case of any situation or change.

Local representation in Costa Rica

We become the local contact of your company in Costa Rica. You can contact us also and request help with requesting rates, advice on providers (Hotels, guides, tour companies and transportation companies). We can also assist in creating ideas and new itineraries for you.

Services included

We also help travel agencies abroad in creating new contacts, request rates, building of databases and contact lists of hotels, tour companies, transport companies and even local guides. Our knowledge is always updated because of the many traveling time we spend throughout the country.

Local On site travel agency representative in Costa Rica


Make sure that our clients traveling to Costa Rica received an outstanding service from the first day they arrive. Meet and greet, explanation and answering of questions your clients might have and assistance.


There are some issued that might come up during the time your clients in Costa Rica that only an onsite rep can solve. We go beyond of only being there for you, we make sure the experience gets better every day.


Enhance the knowledge of your travel company with our assistance. We help you grow and improve, providing you with constant updated info on all the hotels, tour companies, transport companies and tour guides.


"To make sure, clients traveling in Costa Rica will have a save, perfect and fun trip. Let us be your local representative in Costa Rica, making sure everything goes as perfect as it can be. "

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