Magical place

With the discovery in 1996 of a majestic and hidden place in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica as is the Wildlife Refuge Caño Negro, the Zanirato family observed the great potential of this natural paradise, little known to Costa Ricans, starting thus in Caño Negro a destination for sport fishing, focused mainly on Italian fishermen, but also birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the world.

History of the hotel

In 2000, operations began the first stage, which consisted of the construction of ten rooms, the Bar and Restaurant. A few years later, confirming all the benefits of the area and the need for local agencies for a greater number of rooms to sell the destination, it was decided to begin with the second stage.


This second stage consisted of the construction of 12 more rooms, a block of 5 rooms for guides and drivers, plus the pool and Wet Bar. It was in this period when I was shown that not only the Sport Fishermen were very interested in Caño Negro, but ornithologists, biologists, photographers and Birders, that with the opening of the hotel they were more attracted to stay in the area.

Unique in the area

Various market niches

Throughout the time we lived an increase in tourism, which led us every day to professionalize the quality of services provided, from kitchen, tours, accommodation and hospitality in general, through training, seminars and studies that raised the level of service for our international clientele. This was very well received in the market, helping to work with foreign wholesalers and local operators also get the contract of a Tour foreign operator, who requested as a condition to increase our number of rooms, due to the large influx of guests aplying , bringing this to the Third Stage. We built 20 more rooms, which led us to maintain an occupancy rate of 85-90% in the Dry Season (January to April) and 50 to 60% in the rainy season (May to December) in 2008, 2009, 2010 and the first 4 months of 2011, and the global crisis didnot affect us as the rest of the market.

Excelent investment

Perfect reputation

In 2011, Marina , who was responsible for the entire operation from the beginning and responsible for making all decisions, decided to do a rethink in his life, and with her husband decided to start a family, and this led in 2011 to birth of her daughter. This generated that the hotel operation was relieved, adding to this a series of events such as the conclusion of the biggest contract so far with a foreign Wholesaler, the drop in tourism and economy in the country, and all this brought down profits considerably , bringing the hotel to a reduction in costs and personnel, to stabilize the operation from mid-2011 to late 2013, this without injecting foreign capital and debt to banks or third parties, knowing projections for the country by the end of 2014 would begin to increase thanks to foreign tourism again, and a reflecting of this was an increase in new bookings, room locks and applications in general. The hotel occupancy has been steady and good ever since, with good forecasts for this 2017 2018 season.