Costa Rica Hotel and Tour Companies Marketing

Outsourcing marketing and sales manager

Our job includes visiting and contacting all travel agencies in Costa Rica and promote your hotel or tour company to local incoming agencies in Costa Rica and other countries using internet marketing as well as traditional marketing strategies.

Sales representative

We will turn into an extension of your hotel or tour operator company in Costa Rica, promoting your services in the travel agency marketing, wholesalers, retailers, even incoming agencies and the entire corporate and personal market.

Direct sales and social media and SEO

We also take care of promoting and creating publicity among retail businesses and direct clients. Our facebook add campaigns and social media marketing as well as SEO internet marketing complete the package

Our Services

Get sales fast

Getting travel agencies start sending you clients by using digital marketing like 4personalized emailing or visiting travel agencies in person. We reach every single travel company.

Traditional and old school marketing

Social media and SEO is a great compliment that integrates well with marketing among travel industry. Digital marketing and graphic design is part of the package and free, it’s included.

Direct Market

• Distribution of flyers or brochures at key points (Optional) , • Email marketing and creating personalized deals, digital communications, virtual photo galleries in high resolution, distribution of rates and deals

Internet and Social Media

• SEO (Optional) The web part I really like but it is optional. • FACEBOOK (Optional) CREATE CAMPAIGNS FOR RESIDENTS • Daily or weekly report of all activities conducted

Reach all travel agencies

• Contact and promotion with a huge collection of agencies work with. • Intent and push for the inclusion of the tour on the websites of the agencies (Depends on the agency interested of course) • Visitation to travel agencies in a personalized way

Digital Internet Marketing

• Follow up by sending photos in high resolution (Virtual Gallery DropBox or Google Drive type but made to order), rates, deals, maps, descriptions, etc. The digital marketing is one of our strengths.

Promotion and publicity everywhere

• Distribution of Rates and Special Deals. • Creation and distribution of digital map location flyers. • Contacts with extensive lists of specialized operators in Costa Rica in Europe, USA and Latin American

Follow up and reports

• After the visit, a report is sent to the Hotel so you can monitor or simply to use as a control. The follow up is important in order to keep track of our activities, synchronize with the hotel or tour company staff for follow up.

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